Install VMware Tools in Linux

This a relatively easy process however it does give your linux guest some much better performance. Generally speaking the graphics will be smoother and you will get integrated mouse/keyboard meaning you will no longer need to hit the release key to move the mouse cursor in and out of the virtual machines window. 
Click on the “Install VMWare Tools” from the VM Menu.
Wait for the VMWare Tools CD image to automount in the Linux OS.
Extract the VMware-Tools.tar.gz to any given location (Desktop is easiest).
Open up a command line utility such as Terminal.
Change to the Desktop directory using:
cd Desktop
Check to see if the VMware tool extracted properly and hence is listed using:
ls -alh 
and checking for a folder that starts with
(where xxxx.xxxx represents the architecture and version number)
Change to the VMware Tools directory using:
cd VMware*
Check to see if is listed in the current directory using:
ls -alh 
Run the install file using:
The installer script will ask you a few questions however I find using the default answers is best so simply type YES to continue.
A reboot is required to make use of the added features that come with the installation