Setup Transmission Web Interface on a headless server

I will show you how to setup Transmission with the web interface on what is known as a “headless server” ie a server OS without a GUI that only accepts input from the command line. Ubuntu Server (10.10) is prime example of this and is what I will be working on.

As this a command line installation you will need to be either logged on locally and at the command prompt or it can be done remotely via SSH. I also prefer to log in via SSH so I can always do normal cut and paste operations within a host OS.

I always like to begin by making myself the Root user by using the following command and entering the correct password:

Sudo su

Then install the Transmission-daemon package with the following command:

apt-get install transmission-daemon

The Transmission-daemon needs to be in a “stopped” state for you to edit the configuration files so just to make sure it is not running use:

/etc/init.d/transmission-daemon stop

Now we edit the setting.json file located in the /etc/transmission-daemon folder with:

nano  /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json

Now we need to edit three lines of the text file. Starting at line 47 edit the “rpc-password” to whatever you like, then on line 49 enter a new username after its says “rpc-username” and finally at line 50 where it says “rpc-whitelist” change “” to “*.*.*.*” which means any computer IP address to access the web interface.

On line 48 where it says “rpc-port” you can change the 9091 to anything you like but I just keep as the default value. This port represents the listening port of the Web Interface so if you want to access it over the internet you will need to forward this port as required.