Delay Virtual Machine BIOS screen

Add a short delay to a virtual machine’s BIOS/BOOT screen, to make it easier to access different boot options such as booting from Network, USB or to enter the VM’s BIOS setup.
VMWare Player
Simply open the virtual machine’s associated configuration file, which is usually named MachineName.VMX using any standard text editor such as Notepad etc.
Then add bios.bootdelay=”5000″ to the bottom of the file. Be aware that the value is in milliseconds, so in this case a 5 second delay.
Then save the file.
VMWare ESXi/vSphere
Using the vSphere client, Right click on the virtual machine then go:
Edit Settings – Options – Boot Options.
You can then set the Power On Boot Delay value to the desired amount in milliseconds.Delay Boot vSphere